About Us and our Bike Cleat Covers, Keep on Kovers

Hi my name is Scott Woodford, the inventor of Keep on Kovers. I understand the importance of providing customers with bicycle cleat covers that are durable and long-lasting. As you can see, I ride a recumbent.  With the lower angle, my cleats used to slide on the pavement at traffic stops.  I wondered what I could do to get some traction, and after three years of experimenting came up with my Keep On Kovers.  Now I won't ride without them but most of my cycling buddies ride conventional bikes, and they love my covers too! For those who use Speedplay cleats, you are probably already aware of how simple it is to slip whenever you walk along pavement. Cleats can become worn to the point that their screws will loosen up and fall out. The products offered here will allow the cyclist to keep the covers on their cleats continuously. The cycling cleat covers are easy to slip in or out, so you won’t have to worry about any difficulty in using them. 

Throughout your ride, your cleats will be well protected. If any screws do happen to fall out, the covers will catch them for tightening later. There is no need to take them off at a rest stop or hunt for them when you prepare to go out riding again. Mount them on your cleats and forget about them. Save space inside of your pockets and keep your cleats operational for quite some time. The covers will last for around 4,000 cycling miles on the sidewalks and city streets, but they don’t handle rough surfaces or gravel as well. Check out your new pair of covers and see how much of a difference they can make for you.
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Thanks for your interest in Keep On Kovers, and always ride safely!